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HouseTastic was created in 2021 bringing together a vast range of experience in the home improvement sector. Our aim is to create a one-stop place for any homeowner looking to improve their home. This includes articles on the best products on the market, from cleaning to gardening. We've also written a range of articles on tips and tricks for how to maintain and spruce up your home.

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Who knows a product best? A person who's used it for a few hours? Or someone who has used it for months, even years? In order to determine the best household products we've used as much information as we can gather from customers who not only own the products, but have used those products for a significant period of time. Matching that up with our own in-house rigorous testing has allowed us to produce articles comparing the very best products.

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Housetastic.co.uk does participate in various affiliate marketing programs. This means we may get paid commission on products purchased from retailers. This does not affect the products we display in our articles, we always put the consumer first.

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Here you'll find our excellent team of writers who have put the hours in to deliver the best quality content.

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